What Did You Watch This Week? (Week 2)

Hallo! Welcome to the weekly thread for you to talk about whatever you've
watched this past week. Since there aren't enough regulars here to keep
per-episode threads alive, airing anime are also welcome for now.

Please elaborate on your thoughts on the show instead of just providing a synopsis.
Make sure to use spoiler tags as well: [TEXT]​(#spoiler)

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5 years ago by moe with 2 comments

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  • moe

    Lance N' Masques continues to hold its position as the biggest heap of garbage this season — and I can't stop watching. The character designs are abysmal, the plot is… Youtarou and his six-year-old wife pickin' up new daughters, I guess. It's my guilty pleasure of the season, and it might just be so bad it's good.

    OPM really kicked into high gear this past week. It was great to see them put so much focus on making the fight as gorgeous as possible instead of trying (and likely failing) to create tension between Genos and the hopelessly insurmountable Saitama. Action is certainly this series' strong suit; the comedy is very dry and hasn't hit above 'borderline amusing' for me.

    Just finished re-watching Is the Order a Rabbit? and caught up on its airing sequel. Not much to say other than that its second season lives up to the first in its charm and humor (unlike the disappointment that is Yuru Yuri San☆Hai!); you'd probably either like both or dislike both.

  • Moonhowler22

    Let's see...I watched Concrete Revolutio, Hunter x Hunter 2011, K: Return of Kings, Noragami S2, One Punch Man, Owarimonogatari, Sakurako-san (Bones), Symphogear S1, Railgun, Utwarerumono 2015, and the original Utawarerumono.

    Revolutio continues to confuse the hell out of me. I still have no idea where it's heading, but I really like it so far. Excellent character designs, lots of color, and hints at over-the-top fights to come.

    HxH is the first long-running shounen I've watched in a long time. I haven't watched one since Naruto Shippuden about 2 years ago - which reminds me, I need to pick that back up. Looks like a typical shounen, lots of power ups coming, not much of a plot at the moment, 30 episodes in. Entertaining though.

    K: Return of Kings is still mostly Form over Function. I can't say the story is gripping, the characters are OK - Bartender is, so far, my favorite - though I like the Blue King as well. Super pretty visuals, but really heavy on Red -> Green gradients. It's a little overbearing, if I'm honest. Still, could get very interesting soon. Hoping it picks up steam.

    Noragami S2 is still great. S1 was fun, culminating in a great fight scene. S2 is nice so far - looks great, action is fun, story is good. No overarching plot as of yet that I can see, but that will happen soon. We've met the main antagonist, and I predict said person will be the final villain our intrepid trio will have to deal with.

    OPM is awesome. Love the humor, love the crazy powerfulness of it all. Can't wait to see where it goes.

    Owarimonogatari. What's there to say? It's Monogatari. Lots of dialogue, mystery, and things that I think are supposed to be deep but I think I'm just missing it. Like the characters so far, but not my favorite arc. 15 episodes long though, so there's time. Will withhold judgement until later date.

    Sakurako-san. Meh.

    Symphogear. <3. Fucking love it. Way better than I thought. I will need to watch the other seasons just because. Maybe not as good as S1, but I'm hoping they're good. Symphogear has lots of plot, especially in Ep 3 and 4. Seriously, why can't more anime use skin-tight suits and have more crotch-shots but not focus on that? It's what I've always wanted - a show that panders to the "plot" crowd, but isn't full of the normal shounen tropes. Love it. Last episode I swear she got bukkaked. Swear to god. It was awesome.

    Railgun. I lover her socks/ankle warmers. I don't know why. Touma still hilarious.

    Utawarerumono 2015 is...different. MC isn't as dumb as he appears to be. He gets what's going on. I'm upset that I'm missing a lot of the references that are apparently being made, so I have decided to watch the original Utawarerumono as well as read/play the VN. So far, both are great. I really, really dig Utawarerumono 2006's OP. Also, everyone isn't a moe-blob! Woo! Go 2006!