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  • spammusbi (edited 4 years ago)

    I adhere to very socialist and communist ideas. I am a Marxist-Leninist. The problem with all the countries that were so called "Communist", were not real communist countries...ever. They might have started on a path towards revolution and even had one, but the end result out of those revolutions were either State Communism or Military Communism, if you wanna call it that.

    Capitalism cannot last forever. If you read Karl Marx, he says that capitalism has a tipping point. When there is too much surplus, which we have TONS of surplus. People keep buying and buying, selling, making, and so on and so forth. They make MORE then we need. TONS of food, clothes, electronics etc., get thrown away every day.

    We can already see the tipping point today. Capitalism will eventually explode and everything we know of will be very out of wack. Socialism is the way to make this work. When people start to take control of their own workplace and we only produce what is needed. Workers do not control the means of production AT ALL now days. I could go on and on.

    The end result though is communism. No money, no petite or large bourgeoisie, more free time to pursue the things you want and so on and so forth. Of course that is very very very far if it even happens at all. But we can at least hope for a more Socialist world. Capitalism has run it's course.

    Come join us on /t/marxismleninism if you want to know more

    • kvn

      You are seriously just rambling on without providing any actual evidence. Please entertain me, and tell me how we already see the "tipping point of Capitalism today." What does "eventually explode and everything we know of will be very out of wack" even mean? What are you saying?