• Cloptologist

    I have to disagree with you there. If this was Bill Gates or Tim Cook, people would want them out just as badly as they do Pao. Since she became interim CEO she's shown a compete lack of understanding of Reddit, it's core principals, and most importantly it's userbase. Her high-horse attitude hasn't helped her either, which is why a lot of people are viewing her apology with a lot of skepticism.

    If she really want's to improve Reddit she needs to get her hands dirty and be a part of Reddit. Not a shmuck behind a desk dictating polices.

    • sushmonster

      I understand where you are coming from, trust me I do. But food for thought: If it was Bill Gates would he have to endure the same kind of racial slurs and misogyny for his perceived incompetencies?

      • blitzen

        Nobody wants her out because she is a woman or a minority. They think she is incompetent, and in their attempt to criticize her, they fall back on petty insults (which is definitely A problem, just not the same problem.)

        I think of it like getting cut off while driving. You might be angry at the driver, and yell insults based on age, race, gender, looks, baldness, big nose, whatever… You don't hate this person because they are say, bald, but it's the easy thing to pull out and insult with.

        People hate her based on – paraphrasing Pao herself – 'behavior'.

      • dmt

        To be fair, 1990's Bill Gates DID get a lot of flak for being an evil, loser nerd, a thief, a villain, (even a fee antichrist references that I can remember anyhow), etc. Maybe not sexism or racism as blatantly as Pao (which is sad, but angry people are stupid in large groups). But people all over the world hated Billy-G a lot more than on just one website, and they were vicious about it. Hell, many people still do.

      • blue2501

        Here's the thing: we already know about her history. We already know that she's married to a crook, and both are very ligitatious. She plays the gender card, and he plays the race card. We know that she knows nothing about Reddit or the technology involved in it.

        So, starting out, most of the audience isn't going to be in her favor. And then after stumbling for 9 months with bad decisions, yeah, most of Reddit hates her. The reactions are fairly predictable, actually.

      • Cloptologist

        Honestly I haven't seen any of that on Reddit. But, maybe I've haven't been to the subreddit's where it's happening. My interests on there are mostly PC Gaming, My Little Pony, and Linux.

        • Scootoloo

          Hey, a couple of us have been starting up a pony community on here if you wanted to check it out. There's a /t/mylittlepony, /t/mlplounge, and mine.

          • Cloptologist

            Thanks. I had joined the MLP one, didn't know the lounge was on here as well.

      • curbstickle

        Well it would be hard considering he is a different race and a he.

        But the part I think you have wrong is that you suggest in your first post that racism and sexism is the root of the issue, and it is not. She is absolutely terrible at her job, and there are a bunch of idiots using race and sex based insults. I don't believe anyone over there has suggested she is terrible at her job because of her race or sex, but because of her actions.

        I think making it out as if people are suggesting that, as your first post does, is equally disappointing but in a different way.

    • ofest (edited 6 years ago)

      If she really want's to improve Reddit she needs to get her hands dirty and be a part of Reddit.

      From this weekend's events, and her response, my intuition leads me to believe that "improving Reddit" is not her primary goal. Her initial efforts at damage control were directed toward the Mainstream Media. Only today did she get around to addressing the Reddit community.

      Her actions make more sense if her goal is to groom Reddit for an Initial Public Offering, rather than keep users/contributors/moderators content...