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Published 7 years ago by MePLUR with 13 Comments

Waiting for Snapzu to come back online


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  • 90boss

    I see what you did there with the Guinea pigs.

    • MePLUR

      I'll admit I'm not that clever. Stole this from when Reddit used to go down a few times a day.

  • 8mm

    This gif always makes my day.

  • Qukatt

    i know right? i actually had to do some work and studying. grumble

  • ClarkKent

    Ah, yes that was me. :).

    • MePLUR (edited 7 years ago)

      I was more like this :)

  • rastapasta808

    Im curious, is there any way to open these pics/gifs on the main page instead of having to click the link? (Sort of like Reddit Enhacement Suite works)

    • MePLUR

      Not by default, but you could try /t/enhancement for some RES features (which includes expanding images/videos on the front page).

    • AdelleChattre (edited 7 years ago)

      In Mag view, clicking the gif will play it in place. The switch between List and Mag view is in the upper right of the page, at the top of the sidebar.

      Edit: Had thought the switch disappeared on low res devices, but it doesn’t.

  • darkcape

    Man it is the stuff of nightmares for me.

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