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Published 3 years ago by sauce with 3 Comments

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  • Maternitus

    I remember dreams from years back, as in from when I was six, seven years old. Always been a strong dreamer, even picking up described surrounding sounds and incorporate them into my dreams. Don't ask me how, but it happens. Dreams that have their own storylines and going back for many years, like a tv series, are kind of red line going through my nocturnal life. My psychologist says it is not really usual to have dreams extend over periods of years and come to think of it: what if we remember dreams or parts of it in a seperate part of the brain, or with their own neural bindings? I guess it's not, but explain to me why those dreams are persistent, well remembered and really clear happenings while dreaming? The only difference between the real world and my dreamworld is sound. I never hear people speak and what I say in my dreams is more thought than actually said. Efficiency?

    I am capable of lucid dreaming, which helped me understand reality and ban the idea of nightmares. As soon as you are in control of your dream, there is no such thing as a nightmare. Lucid dreaming helped me overcome certain fears and taught me that I am the master of my reality.

    Researching sleep and dreaming is good, but I do not think it is okay to check in on someone else's dreams. You step into another world, one that is not created by you and thus not compliant with yours. I would be bothered if someone tries to enter and trample my most personal of all things being human: thoughts and dreams. That's where I hate science and see it as short coming and especially very rude. But I am wandering too much off topic now.

    Monday morning babbling. :-)

    • Appaloosa

      It's that coffee again, isn't it?

      • Maternitus

        It's good coffee. I grind it myself. :-)

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