• Roundcat

    When I first started using reddit, I was content with just browsing the front page, and getting whatever news and chuckles from there. As the content there became stale, I started using r/all a bit more as a way of seeking out new subreddits, and curating my front page to my specific interests. I stopped browsing r/all as most of the content there became more hateful and charged. And now I can't even avoid the negativity in much of my subreddits anymore. I used be able to enjoy reddit, but now it has become more of a painful addiction, one that I've been trying to kick. I've been 5 days clean so far, and I already feel better.

    • fbc

      Ditto. Even some of the more technical and better moderated reddits, like /r/science and /r/programming, are starting to see their share of memes and shitposts and the political BS spill over to them.