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Published 4 years ago by sasky with 7 Comments

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  • spaceghoti

    Apparently I am one of those one in six. I recently quit my job because the hundred mile daily commute was killing me. If I have to spend more than ten minutes in my car getting to where I need to go, then an autonomous vehicle would be my preferred method of getting there.

  • kxh

    They asked drivers and got a predictable response. What happens if you ask passengers?

    • 8mm

      99 of 100 (or probably even more) passengers would prefer the autonomous robot that will get you from A to point B with 100% guaranteed safety (unless its the other cars fault).

  • Appaloosa

    Not to be a contrarian, but I do enjoy driving. Granted, I don't have a gazillion hour commute stuck in road rage inducing traffic. I also enjoy taking public transportation, unless of course it's with rush hour shoe horned in crowds, and I totally enjoy riding on trains. We also have ferries and boats in HK, which I find amazing. I would also like the option of an autonomous transport. That would be really cool.

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