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  • How-to
    9 months ago
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    How to Recognise Malware Links and What to Do If You Accidentally Click

    You've all heard the warnings by now: don't click on unknown links, as doing so could infect your device with malware. Whether it's a link in an email from

  • Text Post
    9 months ago
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    Following Suggestion to Say Hi since I am new


    I recently joined. I am looking forward to learning different things here.

    Here is a little about myself. I live in the western part of the USA. I have lots of medical and mental health issues.

    Some of them are:

    • Chronic Pain herniated disks in both my neck and back.
    • Depression
    • Social Anxiety

    Please do not feel sorry for me I am not looking for that.

    One question is why am I unable to post using Chrome, Opera, or Vivaldi? I am guessing that an extension I have installed is not allowing me to do so. Which of these extensions would cause me to not be able to post? https everywhere or ublock origin?

    Some things I enjoy learning about are:

    • Health and Fitness
    • Exercise
    • Windows computers
    • Android
    • Food and Nutrition
    • Binaural Beats
    • How to deal with my medical/mental issues
    • Magic Tricks
    • Travel
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