• sashinator

    Except nobody claims the sun rises in the west

    so keep pounding that strawman into submission

  • kxh
    @sashinator -

    There are people who believe the earth is flat. As Einstein said, there is no limit to human stupidity. And clearly my example was to show that it is not always necessary to accept that there are too sides to an argument. Sometimes one side is just wrong.

  • Gozzin
    @kxh -

    But they will never admit they are wrong. A nurse in a news broadcast indicated a patient said she could not have covid cause it's a hoax,even as they were getting ready to ventilate her.

    • sashinator (edited 9 months ago)
      @kxh -



      gtfo with that moving the goal posts shit to include flat earthers

      EiNsTeiN sAiD yOuR sTuPid cUz sOmE ppL beLiVE erTh fLAt

      just because flat earthers are labeled conspiracy theorists doesnt mean AOC is telling the truth

      you dont have proof of that. you dont

      so you are guilty of the hypocrisy you seek to expose