• Rnway

    This article is sensationalizing a lot.

    Based on the Reddit thread (linked above), some of the parts they were using to build Oculii have been discontinued, and need to be replaced before they can build more. I see nothing to indicate that they are stopping so they can make a version 2.0. If anything this is likely to lead to a version 1.1 which all the same specs, but a few components replaced on the BoM.

    • picklefingers (edited 9 years ago)

      I kind of agree with some of the speculation in the comments. I think they are just trying to say "the parts are discontinued" so that they can announce the DK2. They probably just don't want to announce it yet, but want to inform the community that DK1 isn't being produced anymore. Or not. But nobody is hurt by guessing.