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Published 6 years ago by oystein with 4 Comments

Successful repair of a Lido 2 handgrinder

My Orphan Espresso handgrinder fell down and the bean hopper broke. Thankfully, they make replacement parts and I soon got it working again! This thing is seriously built like a tank.


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  • ecstasybread

    Oh, hey, I saw this on Twitter the other day too!

    I read your blog post too, assuming this is your picture. I'm suprised you managed to break the hopper at all to be honest, but one of my favourite things about OE is that they make their stuff easy to take apart... and that they sell individual bits for it. I fully expect my grinder to outlive me! Most (all?) the Lido 3 parts fit the Lido 2 too which is nice.

    • oystein

      I had no idea people would see that anywhere! Yep! It's mine. The repair was so easy, I was so surprised and relieved. After upgrading several laptops with tiny bits, this repair was a breeze compared to those.

      • ecstasybread

        Yeah I think OE retweeted you, then I followed your comments back to find out how on earth you'd managed to break the plastic and not the glass catch jar. Funny that I should then see you here the next day. It's good to know that it wasn't hard to repair.

        • oystein

          I think (I am not sure) it may have hit the ground on the side so that the bigger pressure was on the bean hopper.

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