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Published 8 years ago by ecstasybread with 3 Comments
  • If the Lido 2 is a bit pricey at about £140, I've also done a review of the Porlex mini, which comes in at under £30. I'd really recommend the former though, it's great.

    What are you using to grind your beans Snapzu?


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  • oystein

    I had the regular Porlex and it's a pretty bad grinder. After that I bought a Baratza Virtuoso and later on a Lido 2. The Lido 2 is a better grinder but more inconvenient to use due to being manual and it leaving coffee grinds everywhere when I open it up. It's expensive but I feel like it's the first time I get a grind that's close to what I get in cafés.

    • ecstasybread (edited 8 years ago)

      The Lido 2 is still much less inconvenient to use than the Porlex at least - it's quite a bit quicker. I'd probably want an electric grinder if I were grinding for more people though. Do you still use your Baratza Virtuoso at all or have you switched entirely to the Lido?

      You're right about it getting grinds everywhere, but somehow I managed to do that even when I (gasp) used pre-ground coffee...

      • oystein

        I bought the Lido for use at work and I'm at holiday now. I can easily say the Lido is better than the Baratza, and I don't drink that much coffee at work anymore, so I am thinking of keeping the Lido at home and then I'm not sure what to do with the Baratza.

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