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Published 8 years ago by nevermind with 5 Comments

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  • SuperCyan

    Yeah, I've never been a fan of the whole "phone made it impossible to have a conversation," idea.

    I've hung around people with cell phones for a long time, and guess what? Still have good conversations with them. Besides, isn't texting still a conversation? It's rude to choose texting over face-to-face talking when you're out with friends, and it lacks some nuances, but isn't it still socializing with someone? Like, people don't crumble socially when they meet someone in person, because they text too much. Usually, they were like that in the first place.

    I think a lot of the hate against any technology is just jealously, because they didn't have the same opportunities when they were a kid. People like to shit on teenagers having cell phones, because "I didn't have one when I was young!" Yeah, that's because they didn't even exist. I bet your parents said the same thing about your N64, or whatever you constantly get a nostalgia boner over.

    • nevermind

      It's rude to choose texting over face-to-face talking when you're out with friends

      Now that's the thing I have a problem with. Actually, even an occasional text I don't mind so much, but I DO lose it when I'm trying to talk to someone and they're obviously far more interested in checking if they've got any new likes on frigging tumblr (or something equally banal). I have been known to walk away mid sentence for this very reason.

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