• melanoleuca

    Thanks for the information! I really like multi-purpose items, especially while backpacking (like your belt doubling as a tourniquet). For example, I have this chair that I love because it is so versatile! It is a luxury, for sure, but is relatively easy to strap on to your pack. You can use it as a kneeling pad, bed roll, and, or course, a chair. In a pinch, the supports are strong enough that it could be used as a splint. Plus, it is much more comfortable than those foldable "soccer" chairs. Mine is rarely put away with my camping gear, I use it too often!

    • neg8ivezero

      I have always wondered if those things are worth their weight, I'll have to pick one up! Thanks!

      • melanoleuca

        I'll warn you, once you get one, you won't be able to go out without it!