• neg8ivezero

    You can do a couple of different things here.

    1. I hate to plug another site but the folks over at /r/myog are incredible with DIY gear. I once saw a bugnet made with walmart sheer curtains. MYOG stands for Make Your Own Gear.

    2. I picked up this guy from Amazon but there are tons of other brands out there, I just don't have experience with them. I can definitely recommend the Eno Bug Net though.

    Outside of that, another tip for bugs is this stuff. This is a clothing treatment and will kill bugs on contact. Great for protecting against ticks/mosquitos. Combine it with a high deet bug repellant and you won't have a bug problem... EVER.

    • schrodingersman

      That net is exactly what I wanted, and it's great that it goes with the hammock. Thanks for the info I will be buying one of these before my end of summer trip.