• melanoleuca

    Unfortunately, there is a reason that many politicians, especially state politicians, don't support education. Most initiatives to support public education involve, you guessed it, tax increases. It is a public program that relies of public funding. Teachers won't get paid more until the general public thinks they deserve to get paid more.

    • jcscher (edited 7 years ago)

      The state politicians here have cut funding and the only way the schools can get anymore money is by local levies.There have been many in the last 4-6 years. The lawmakers in this state are now talking about increasing the amount of spending a little and making sure we all know this. No mention of the cuts though they previously made.

      • keytapper

        What if, instead of going to the police force, civil forfeitures went to the public education system? Crazy thought, but it would decrease the occurrence of it happening due to the being no direct reward for police to do it. The secondary plus is that the education system would get a slight padding to the meager funding they get in general. Sorry for the random crazy idea.