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Who Should You Let Know You Are Moving

One of the most vital tasks when moving is making out an address change. When changing your address there will be numerous parties that should be notified. It is not a pleasant experience when there is vital mail you should be receiving and it is nowhere to be found.

  • Who to Let Know You're Moving

    Checklist for changing your address Checklist for changing your address
  • The Businesses And Organization to Let Know You're Moving

    Since there are numerous parties that should be notified of your move, we are going to give you a change of address checklist so that you can start the process in a timely fashion. The resource at Maximum Real Estate Exposure is one of the most exhaustive you will find online of who should be told about your move.

    You should refer to this document and even print it out so you have it when you are ready to start having your mail forwarded to your new address. Some of the most vital entities to be notified are in the article but here is a quick list you can refer to as well.

    1. The Internal revenue service (IRS).
    2. Your doctor, dentist, and attorney.
    3. All of your credit cards.
    4. Family and friends.
    5. All of your insurance providers including home, car, and health
    6. All of your banks and other financial institutions.
    7. The department of motor vehicles.
    8. All of your magazine subscriptions.
    9. All of your utilities.
    10. Local town hall for voting.

    Again, this is just a short list of the places you should be letting know your moving. The checklist above will explain in much greater detail who should be made aware that a move is taking place.

    Without notifying everyone you're move is taking place there is bound to be mail that does not arrive at your new place in a timely fashion. It will be essential to make your change of address at a minimum of a few weeks before you move.

    There will be nothing more stressful than knowing bills that need to be paid are not showing up at your new address. You will be worrying about your credit taking a hit but not having paid your bills in a timely fashion!


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