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When Does Home Depot Open And Close

Whether you are a renter or homeowner you have probably visited Home Depot at one time or another. Along with Lowe's they are the two largest Home Improvement chains in the US. You can get just about anything at Home Depot associated with improving your home.

  • What Are Home Depot's Hrs

    See the Home Depot Business Hours See the Home Depot Business Hours
  • Making Sure Your Know The Home Depot Hours

    When you are heading to Home Depot to get something your need for your home, the last thing you want to find out is that the store you're visiting is not open. Pulling into the parking lot to find no cars and nobody around can really take the wind out of your sales! That's why you need to know HomeDepot Hours. Like most businesses, Home Depot has regular business hours.

    You can expect Home Depot in the vast majority of their location to open a 6 a.m. in the morning and close at 10. p.m at night. Simple enough but you should understand that business hours at Home Depot are not always the same for every location.

    In fact, some stores will open at the same time. There will be some places where you will see Home Depot open at 7 a.m and close at 8 p.m on Sundays. This is why it makes it imperative to check your specific location.

    The other thing you need to keep in mind is that business hours of operation at Home Depot can change on Holiday. Some of the bigger holidays especially. You can expect for different Home Depot locations to have different store hours on Thanksgiving, Memorial Day and New Years Eve.

    One of the more significant services that Home Depot offers is their rental trucks. If you are planning on doing a DIY move, it would be awfully disappointing to pull into a store and discover you are out of luck. Moving is often based on doing things at specific times. If you have just bought a home or rented an apartment it could be make for a very unpleasant situation.

    If you visit the Home Depot and find out you just missed their closing time all is not lost. There may be another Home Depot close by your location. If you do an online search for Home Depot near me it will do an excellent job of showing you other potential Home Depot's you can visit. One of the nice things about an online search is that you will typically see review of each individual store.

    In the resource provided, you will see an excellent article at Maximum Real Estate Exposure that talks about everything you need to know about Home Depot hours. Take a look and if you have any specific questions about when the Home Depot opens and closes let me know.


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