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What to Know About Renting a Moving Truck From Home Depot

Are planning on moving from where you currently live in the upcoming months? Do you want to save a ton of money with your move? Those who want to spend as little as possible will often forgo hiring a professional moving company. Instead, they will rent their own moving truck.

  • Home Depot Truck Rentals

    Things you should know when renting a truck with Home Depot Things you should know when renting a truck with Home Depot
  • Truck Rentals at Home Depot

    One of the better options when you are going to be doing a DIY move is to rent a truck from Home Depot. If there is a Home Depot location nearby they should be one of your first considerations. If you are not quite sure where the closest Home Depot is it will be easy enough to do an online search. By searching Home Depot nearby you should come up with a couple of options.

    Obviously, Home Depot is a reputable well-know and run company. Most people who think of Home Depot think home improvement but they also run a nice truck rental business as well.

    Of course, there are quite a few things to think about when renting a moving truck. The first is the cost. One of the more favorable things about Home Depot truck rentals is that you will only be charged for the time you are using the truck. They do not charge you for millage on the vehicle.

    One of the most popular rental options for renting a truck at Home Depot is what's called Load Go with prices starting at $19. For the $19 you will get 75 minutes of truck usage before they tack on additional charges. After the 75 minutes are up it is $5 for each additional 15 minutes you use the truck.

    Home Depot has four kinds of trucks available for rent including pickup trucks and cargo vans which are 19 for 75 minutes and their box trucks which are $29. You will need to pay a $150 deposit for both the cargo vans and pickup trucks. They will charge your credit card but you will get this money back when you return the truck.

    Home Depot does offer rental truck rates for weekly and monthly use as well. As a real estate agent who has been working in the industry for the past 34 years, at times Home Depot has been a godsend for picking up things needed around the house.

    You can put that same kind of trust in using their moving vehicles as well. In the reference at Maximum Real Estate Exposure, you will find one of the most in-depth references on what you need to know about doing a Home Depot Truck rental. Without a doubt, it should be able to answer all of your questions about truck rentals.

    Take a look and if you find it useful, please pass it along to anyone who is thinking about doing their own move. If I can answer any questions, please feel free to reach out for help.


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