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What to Know About Property Surveys When Buying or Selling a House

Are you going to be buying or selling a home in the near future? One of the stages you should be familiar with in the process is what's known as the property survey. A property survey is done by the lender granting the mortgage.

  • Understanding Land Surveys

    There is a reason why all lenders pay an outside firm to conduct a land survey. The primary purpose is to make sure that there are no buildings on the property they are granting a mortgage for that encroach on another persons property. A property surveyor is hired and they do what is referred to as a land survey to determine if there are any zoning violations.

    If there is a violation the lender will want to make sure the problem is rectified before the closing takes place. Sometimes these violations are an easy fix. At other times they are not. For example, moving the neighbors shed that has been placed over a lot line probably isn't that big a deal. A shed can be easily moved.

    On the other hand, if the neighbor has installed a fence that encompasses a large portion of land, it could be very expensive to move it. These are the kinds of issues that land surveys solve for the bank. When you think about it they actually are solving the issue of multiple parties involved.

    There are many different types of surveys but the one's related to buying and selling property are very commonplace. Typically, the land surveyor will arrive at the property not too long before title passes. They usually come unannounced and move around the property freely.

    The other common usage of a property survey when it comes to sales is the design of a septic system. If there is no public sewer available a septic system will need to be built. A survey is used to make what is called an "as-built" plan. The as built will show how the septic system is constructed in relation to the home on the property.

    There are laws that must be conformed to when it comes to placement of septic systems. A land survey will help determine rules and regulations are met.

    When you are buying or selling a home it is essential to have at least a general working knowledge of how a land survey works. In the reference at Maximum Real Estate Exposure you will find a wealth of additional information worth exploring to become better educated.

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  • What is a Land Survey

    See what you need to know about land surveys. See what you need to know about land surveys.

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