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    5 years ago
    by drunkenninja

    Voting System: Overview of Upcoming Functionality for Release 5.3

    Over the past several weeks we have received a lot of really helpful feedback pertaining to the improvement of our voting functionality. We realized that due to a number of complex architectural and community factors the basic up/down voting approach is no longer the most effective way to leave accurate feedback, or for that matter help in the moderation of content.

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    6 years ago
    by massani

    O D Y S S E Y

    Liquids of different consistencies, colors, and textures interact together, creating a beautiful journey. By Ruslan Khasanov on Vimeo / Behance.

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    6 years ago
    by massani

    True Detective Season 2 Main Title (HBO, 2015)

    The main title sequence was directed by Patrick Clair. Patrick Clair has done other main titles including Daredevil, Halt and Catch Fire, The Man in the High Castle, and True Detective Season 1, where he won the 2014 Emmy for Outstanding Main Title. Patrick Clair is also a member of Elastic, a 'visual storytelling' design studio based in Santa Monica, CA.