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Is Carpet Bad For Your Health?

Getting your best clean carpets back

  • Is Carpet Bad For Your Health?

    carpet cleaning brisbane || Event cleaning Brisbane || Office cleaning Brisbane Pest control brisbane There are many wonderful reasons to have carpet in your home. However, If the carpet in your home isn’t properly maintained and cared for, it can potentially cause health problems as a result of toxins and allergens. Even new carpet can be a source of harmful toxins. No matter how soft your carpet feels or how clean it appears, it can bring dangers to you and your family. Be sure to contact Oracle best best carpet cleaning brisbane to learn how their green carpet cleaning in Brisbane can significantly reduce the risk of health problems associated with carpet. Potential health problems associated with carpet:

    New Carpet

    New carpets often contain chemicals known as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) for up to a full year after installation. Released from carpet padding and installation products, such as carpet adhesive and seam sealant, VOCs include harmful toxins like moth and stain repellents and flame-retardants. People with new carpet in their home often complain of headaches, fatigue, irritated skin and eyes and allergic reactions. What is worse is that children and pets are extremely vulnerable to VOCs because of how close they are to the surface of carpet compared to adults. What Can You Do?
    Purchase carpets made of cotton, wool or other sustainable fabrics. Purchase carpets with Green Certification. Consult the Carpet & Rug Institute website for carpet that’s earned their Seal of Approval. Air out the carpet prior to installation. Use tacks to install the carpet rather than glue or other adhesives. Keep rooms with new carpet well ventilated. Call Oracle best best carpet cleaning brisbane after installation for a thorough carpet cleaning. Old Carpet Older carpet can contain toxins such as cigarette smoke, detergent fumes, pet urine and pesticides. Dust mites and mildew can also live on the surface of older carpet. Brisbane Carpet Cleaning Blog recommends routine vacuuming to remove some of these toxins. If you’re interested in a deeper cleaning treatment for your old carpet, it’s best to call a professional carpet cleaner. Although, it’s important to inquire on whether that cleaner uses chemicals as part of their method. Steam Cleaning The carpet itself is not the only source of harmful toxins. Some carpet cleaners in Brisbane use potentially harmful chemicals and detergents as part of their cleaning methods, including steam cleaners. Chemicals are only one of the problems with steam cleaning carpet. When excess moisture is used during carpet steam cleaning, it increases the chance of mildew growth. Oracle carpet cleaning Brisbane, carpet cleaning in Nundah uses no chemicals in their process. They also use 1/5 the amount of moisture as professional steam cleaners and rental machines. The end result is drier, cleaner and healthier carpets in Nundah,Bowen Hills, Brisbane, East Brisbane, Fortitude Valley, Herston, Highgate Hill, Kangaroo Point, Kelvin Grove, New Farm, Newstead, Paddington, Petrie Terrace, Red Hill, South Brisbane, Spring Hill, Teneriffe, West End, Woolloongabba cities. They’re not only the best carpet cleaner in Brisbane, they’re the safest too!


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