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Published 10 months ago with 10 Comments

Cambridge Analytica Uncovered: Secret filming reveals election tricks

An undercover investigation by Channel 4 News reveals how Cambridge Analytica secretly campaigns in elections across the world. Bosses were filmed talking about using bribes, ex-spies, fake IDs and sex workers.


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  • Chubros

    “It’s no use campaigning on the facts, it’s all about emotions and hopes and fear.”

    • leweb

      Facebook has demonstrated that appealing to emotion is much more profitable than trying to convince people using logic. Most people don’t give a shit about reasoning, they just want to hear what they want. So, the money is in taking advantage of this and promoting stupidity and feelings vs. logic and facts.

      And to think that people believed the Internet was going to bring out the best of humanity. It’s just served as a massive amplifier of idiotic ideas. Couple that with Capitalism’s “money is everything” guiding principles, and you have the biggest shitmaking machine in history.

      • AdelleChattre (edited 10 months ago)

        Facebook has demonstrated that appealing to e̷m̷o̷t̷i̷o̷n̷ their ego is much more profitable than trying to convince people using l̷o̷g̷i̷c̷ their superego.


        And to think that people believed the Internet was going to bring out the best of humanity.

        As opposed to why it was built, to simultaneously help wage and, as well as possible to survive, imminent nuclear war. Let's withhold judgment until it's been tested fairly.

        It’s just served as a massive amplifier of idiotic ideas.

        False choice. Perhaps the best of humanity is our idiotic ideas. 'Idiot' from the Greek 'ideotes' for everyman. Itself from 'idios' for one's own, the plural of which means one's own people. So yeah, idiotic about sums it up.

        Couple that with C̷a̷p̷i̷t̷a̷l̷i̷s̷m̷’̷s̷ ̷ ”̷m̷o̷n̷e̷y̷ i̷s̷ e̷v̷e̷r̷y̷t̷h̷i̷n̷g̷”̷ g̷u̷i̷d̷i̷n̷g̷ p̷r̷i̷n̷c̷i̷p̷l̷e̷s̷ the id.

        It isn't just capitalism, or money, or victory, or sex, or big-fish-eats-small-fish, underneath these farsical electoral ceremonies we perform. I'd start to think the problem wasn't the internet either, or homo idiota at all, except it seems to me that our fellow beasts probably all work in basically the same way. I wonder if they get disgusted by "the politics."

  • jcscher

    Wait until they release the next video tomorrow!

    • jerinoos

      For anyone curious, this video is part 2, and part 3 which is specifically about the US will be released tomorrow at around the same time.

  • jerinoos

    Why am I not surprised?

    • leweb

      Because politicians have been doing this for a while. These guys are just turning it into a commercial venture.

      If politicians were not spineless, immoral prostitutes, and people actually cared, this business model would fail.

      • AdelleChattre

        People care. That's why we have politicians. They were cheaper and more effective than nobles, priests and knights cutting peasants in half from horseback. See, even feudalism can progress. A millennium here, a millennium there, next thing you know uprisings are something you read about in the state's history books.

        • leweb

          I guess everything looks nice when you choose the right perspective.

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