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Published 6 years ago by kxh with 5 Comments
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  • Gozzin (edited 6 years ago)

    I'm not a cat person,but I'm fascinated by FMT research. Those of us who have done much reading on this know what happened without even clicking the link. If you'd told me five years ago, I'd be interested in gut flora,I'd have told you you were out of your mind and then some! I've dome the American Gut Project and they want to do my house rabbit as well. Anyway,since this is one of my favorite subjects of late,I'll throw you good people some really nice links.

    • drunkenninja

      Fecal transplants are huge nowadays, and there is no doubt some serious benefits that go with it. It's fascinating how having healthy bacteria in your gut makes all the difference, humans and cats alike.

      • Gozzin (edited 6 years ago)

        I agree. Veterinarians do this a good bit. I'd like to add my picture from my American Gut Project to this but sad to say there is no way to upload from my computer in Snapzu and add it to my comments.

  • leweb

    Maybe the secret to a long life is not getting the blood of the young, but rather the poop of the young. It would certainly be a cheaper approach.

    • Gozzin

      I've wondered about this as well.

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