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  • AdelleChattre (edited 2 years ago)

    Not going to make excuses for anyone that supports a bigoted prick like Trump. Yes, anyone consciously choosing to back that Know-Nothing mass of grievous personality disorders means they're down for everything you're saying. However, you're in this, too. Forgive me for suggesting it, but it seems to me anyway, that starting from a basis of fear, you've not only bought into the rabid alienation and mindset of persecution that Trump sells his thralls, but you've forfeited any chance at turning his political fortunes as well. Down to every last little ol' granny that's afraid of her mailman and every day since 1964.

    Sure, anyone with a sneaking admiration for this silver-spoon tin-plated sack of shit is party to the most bigoted administration since Wilson. Sure, there are those of them that've mixed up their persecution fantasies with their fantasies of persecuting. But buy into his super-villainy enough to confuse voters for villains, and you've given up. To him. To that. My suggestion is to deny him your fear, and laugh at him more. Less baring of teeth, more smiles. Very similar, but very different.

    • RusSwatKatsFan
      @AdelleChattre -

      Sorry. I was in a bad mood earlier this week.

      You're right, being angry isn't going to make other people's anger too.

      Again, I apologize.