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    It's hard for people to see it that way though when they feel it threatens their own security. Side-by-side comparisons make that look ridiculous, but people that have never had their moneys threatened in any real way are spoonfed that this will mean no jobs for them, and their daughters being raped and sons not working ever. It's super frustrating, especially since I personally know some refugees - trust me, if they had another option they would gladly take it. I was talking to a guy who escaped war ~15 years ago. He's still trying to get residency - just being allowed to live here, after all that time. In the meantime he's got a brother in the US, a sister in the UK, and other family elsewhere. It's nuts.

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      Yeah, I know what you mean. I don't personally know refugees, but I have a lot of immigrant friends, and there is such an immense contrast between the perception of immigrants and what their reality is like... People in Canada (where I'm from) are convinced immigrants come to their country because it's the best place in the world to live, and so are people trying to profit from someone else's success. The harsh reality is that being an immigrant is a fantastically hard endeavor... And it's really difficult for a lot of reasons.