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Published 4 years ago by jerinoos with 6 Comments
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  • CrookedTale

    I think it is OK for me to rant now. As this scene unfolded I quickly turned on the news to see what was happening like many people. Within an hour of the first report MANY news stations brought out the pundits and "experts" to give their views on what happened and how this happened. But even though the were "experts" they were not at the scene, they did not have ALL the information, and they were basically just yammering about the possibilities. FOX news, CNN, MSNBC, insert news channel name here, all did it. The practice of pulling out conjecture by the news stations is getting pretty bad. Would it have been so bad to just report what was happening and give updates after the information was vetted? I don't care what the so called experts think so soon in the report because they do not have the information available to actually be experts on the situation. They have not received the police or federal investigation reports because there were none to give and the investigation was still on going. Even before the Airport was deemed safe by officials and law enforcement I was bombarded by the news saying "The man was unstable and mentally ill", "He heard voices telling him to do it for ISIS!", "There were warning sign early on that he would do this!" and other crap. For gods sake can't we just report on the tragedy then wait for the investigation to give us the facts? Is that to much to ask?

  • galacticunion

    It's OK to bring a gun to the airport as long as you have it in your luggage, that is just stupid. It's time to get this gun stuff under control. Freedoms require responsibility, and your capacity to understand what these responsibilities are needs to be proven before you can acquire a gun. Second, guns should never be allowed at airports for any reason.

    • CrookedTale (edited 4 years ago)

      You can travel with a firearms as long as it is locked and checked in as baggage. It's kind of like the "Traveling across state lines" rule for transporting firearms in a vehicle. The gun was not on him while he was on the plane, he picked it up with his baggage loaded it and then proceeded to open fire. Believe it or not there are many instances where people will travel with their guns in baggage, hunters, reenactors, body guards, cops, military, and so on. It is a good process but eventually you have to give the gun back to the person and trust that they don't do anything stupid.


    • AdelleChattre

      Are you volunteering to go take people’s guns away from them?

      • CrookedTale


  • CrookedTale

    I want to rant, but now is not the time. It saddens my heart to see this again.

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