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Published 3 years ago with 12 Comments

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  • RoamingGnome

    I hate that I feel this way, but I just don't care. I've met too many asshole cops who only live to fuck-up other people's lives. I was robbed last year by our local sheriff's deputies of several hundred thousand dollars worth of cannabis that was earmarked for collective members and dispensaries. The cops didn't care, they stole it. Yes, stole it. As in- they took it and sold it on the black market for profit and put the money in their pockets. They also stole $3200 in cash, as in- the deputy put it in his pocket and it mysteriously never made it to evidence...actually, nothing made it to evidence and no charges were ever filed against myself and my business partner. Why? Because it was a robbery. Fuck The Police. Die, motherfuckers.

  • 902102213

    Is anyone surprised at this? Cops have been going around killing anyone they want to, kids, pets, unarmed people just getting out their wallets at traffic stops with never any justice for their victims. Looks like some people have finally had enough.

    • 8mm

      With 350 million people in the US, some will be fucked up in the head enough to do this. Even if it's just 1 person in 1 million, there's 350 of these kinds of people walking around among us.

    • gottlieb

      Surprised? Not really any more.

    • drunkenninja

      Yeah, it appears their crimes are catching up to them. I don't speak for "all" cops, but when a profession gets this corrupt... this hated... there is bound to be a push back, and it's never the peaceful hippy dippy kind.

  • MAGISTERLUDI (edited 3 years ago)

    " Fuck The Police. Die, motherfuckers."

    "Cops have been going around killing anyone they want to, kids, pets, unarmed people......"

    These authors and any of a like ilk are quite simply,


    • AdelleChattre

      Good for you. Too few people today are willing to stand up for murderers that just so happen to wear the badge. How dare these kids, dogs, and unarmed people interfere with the ballistic trajectories of our good ol' boys in blue?

      • MAGISTERLUDI (edited 3 years ago)

        As I stated: ".....and any of a like ilk are quite simply,


        • AdelleChattre

          Right? It's as if some people think nothing at all about their obvious-to-everyone-but-themselves personal problems.

          Maybe if you wrote it out again but in all caps this time you'd feel better about it.

          • MAGISTERLUDI (edited 3 years ago)

            There you go again wandering off the reservation.

            Nothing to do with police being ambushed or even their killing a dog.

            Focus Ade, focus. "Hate" addles the mind.

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