• idlethreat (edited 9 years ago)

    Good god.

    Now, then. What's the over/under on how the authorities will treat these two fine members of the white trash community?

    - Cheyenne will get probation, issue a tearful apology, and her mom will give her a 'stern lecture with a lot of finger pointing and putting-my-foot-down-young-ladying'

    - Dalton will get grand theft auto, grand larceny, transporting a minor over state lines (4 times), check forgery, drugs (of course they had a joint), as well as attempted child molestation, child molestation, and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. He will be in prison for the rest of his natural life. If he manages to get released from prison and is still alive he will be on the 'felony sex offenders' list until he dies and buried in an unmarked grave.

    Keep running, dude. You're utterly, utterly fucked.