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Published 5 years ago by jcscher with 11 Comments
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  • spaceghoti

    They're losing, but I think this is when they become the most dangerous. They're accustomed to getting their way and they're keen to punish anyone who stands in their way. I don't think it a coincidence that so many right-wing militia groups have formed since 2009.

    • ToixStory

      I agree with this. When W. Bush was in office things seemed almost quiet among my fundie relatives, since he was "God's will" or whatever. Since having a black man in office, and the very real chance that either a woman or self-described socialist will win the Presidency in 2016, the ultra-conservative and religious right is becoming more and more riled up and feeling like they are being pressed into action to do something. It frightens me a lot, and I can only hope things will blow over.

  • [Deleted Profile]

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