• idlethreat

    "Stolen" is the incorrect term here. Those photos were not taken from the parents (thereby depriving the parents of the photos), they were copied without parental permission.

    Sucks that it happened, but if you don't want something on the internet, you probably shouldn't put it on the internet.

    • Zeus

      Getting people riled up about "stolen" baby photos sounds like a great way to push fun new copyright laws.

      • a7h13f

        Congratulations! You've successfully published your new photo album. All photos in this album have been copyrighted and anyone who republishes them in any media without your express written consent is in violation of US Copyright law.

        • idlethreat

          Technically, you're correct. You sort of already get Copyright automatically once it's been created.

          Having it and enforcing it, however, are two separate things.