• nxthesky

    Has anybody bit the bullet and registered to see what it's like? The article is low on details about what exactly the social network is like - I'm assuming like facebook (because of it's comparison), but the description makes it sound more like reddit (with the upvoting).

    Overall I agree with everyone's comment that there really won't be any competition with facebook - I get annoyed when media attaches "this is the new ____ killer" to everything. It would be nice to see an evolution in social networking in the way that this article describes, and its always good whenever we take a step towards solving privacy concerns even if the site is small.

    • pixelboot

      I created an account and poked around to see what it was like - it reminds me of facebook meets pinterest. Clean overlay, a little complicated at first, but nice to look at. It's hard to picture it without any current content....