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  • trails (edited 4 years ago)

    Excellent comment, thank you. My biggest beef with all of this is the simple fact that users are opted-in by default. Not surprised by any of it, as we all live in the world of online accounts with 10,000 word T&S agreements, apps with unending permissions, and a virtual economy driven by tracking cookies. MS's dig for data is obnoxious, but as stated it is not necessarily any more egregious than any other firm's harvesting practices. There will be those of us who eschew it all out of principle and/or paranoia, others who take all of two minutes to turn off the readily available settings that MS left on by default, or those blissfully ignorant or apathetic about the issue who will flood MS and its partners with their data. The business world is one huge carny and it's up to each of us to figure out if we're the marks.

    • fizzl

      I just installed Windows 10. When it asked if I wanted to adjust my privacy settings or trust the defaults, giant air siren started blaring in my head.

      Sure enough, I had to disable most of it. I left the ad targeting on, because only thing worse than targeted advertising is untargeted advertising.

    • desertjedi85

      You're opt'ed-in by default because Microsoft is a business and they need to make money. If they made it all optional then hardly anyone would turn those features on.