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Published 8 years ago by imokruok with 7 Comments
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  • drunkenninja

    We are still very far from anything even close to resembling cryonics and the uploading of a human mind. We have a much better chance at making decent life extension work.

    • imokruok

      or just: We have a much better chance at making decent life–

  • CravenRaven76

    I wish they had more discussed the complications of reanimating the original body rather than uploading consciousness it to a new one. I think most people know that we're incredibly far from that. A lot of people have themselves cryogenically preserved so that they can be reanimated after a cure has been found for whatever ails them, not so that they can be uploaded to a computer mainframe. Still interesting, nonetheless.

  • imokruok

    Walt disney's frozen head-jokes are older than I am and always gave me nightmares > reassurance h+ promised. and I think h+ had the booth next to the jehovah's witnesses at the big e, and guess who gave out candy?

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