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Published 4 years ago with 23 Comments

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Conversation 6 comments by 5 users
  • ChaseWhitfield

    Yes, Donald Trump is a ridiculous candidate, but to be fair, the title of that article is misleading. Bernie Sanders didn't "share the stage", he was run off stage by two protesters; not exactly something that inspires confidence in someone asking to be the Commander-in-chief.

    • Aaron215 (edited 4 years ago)

      Meh, I think he did a good job resisting the trolling attempt. When protesters say things like that about someone with a voting and action history like Sanders, they aren't someone reasonable enough to be argued with. Having them evicted from the stage would only make headlines about you, not about the ignorance of the protesters.

      I'd much rather have someone who recognizes a baiting attempt (and is shown to be in the right) than someone who rushes into a fight in order to seem tough.

      • idlethreat

        this is exactly correct. The man was trolled twice. Hard. He wasn't run off the stage, he refused to play their game.

        A level head in the heat of the moment is exactly what we need.

        • hallucigenia (edited 4 years ago)

          I support Black Lives Matter. I don't want a president who will run off when confronted by black people with serious concerns. That's not level-headed, that's chicken-hearted.

      • ChaseWhitfield

        You're making that argument with the benefit of hindsight. There, on that stage, in the moment, when confronted with two unruly protesters, his response was to just walk away and let them take over the event. That's weakness any way you slice it. I'm not suggesting you need to get into a shouting match with them, but he could've just as easily had security escort them off stage and out of the event. Instead of projecting strength and standing there and saying: "Look, I know you're passionate about your issue, but there is a time and place and this isn't it", he let himself get bullied off that stage by two protesters.

        And he's expecting people to believe that he can stand up to Vladimir Putin? Or Ali Khamenei? Or Bashar al-Assad? Or any one of the other world leaders that he would have to deal with as President? Sorry, but I simply don't trust him to be able to do the job.

    • imokruok

      keep it real.

  • idlethreat (edited 4 years ago)

    I think what scares me more is that Trump is leading the GOP polls at the moment.

    • spaceghoti

      Maybe the RNC will find an excuse to prevent him from getting the nomination. Maybe they won't. Either way I think Trump has pretty much ensured that the Republicans will not take the White House in 2016. He seems determined to stay the course and as a registered Democrat I can only applaud him for it.

      • imokruok

        He'll run independent. He hasn't ruled (lol) it out. It's like half the country thinks this is the bachelor.

        • spaceghoti

          I thought he effectively pledged that if he didn't get the RNC nomination that he'd run independently anyway. That should split the GOP vote nicely.

          • imokruok

            trump in my mind seems to conjure these weird @Beyonce illuminati conspiracy theory public service announcements with comb over baldies...he's totally going to win.

          • hallucigenia

            Every state has different rules for getting an independent on the ballot, and (more importantly), different deadlines. If he waits until the RNC to run independently, it'll be too late to get on some ballots. I don't know if it'll make it impossible to win, but it will hurt him a lot.

        • massani

          It's like when Megyn Kelly asked Trump at the GOP debate, "When did you actually become a Republican?" and he just shrugs.

    • fred

      I think its great. Seems like the long con on the dems side. He splits the polls and then runs indy. Giving Democrats an easier win in the general.

      THat said, now we need an "anybody but Hillary campaign". Her handling of this email thing is basically enough for her to lose my vote, regardless of issues.

    • ColonBowel (edited 4 years ago)

      I like him, but hear me out.

      I'm far left, father than any serious candidate. However, the reason I like him is cause he's is honest and straight up. He's saying what the Republican party truly stands for. Who you rather have both effectively pushing the same agenda, a fake dude that says one euphemism after another, or a guy that tells it straight? One says that we need to fix immigration policy and the other says,"Fuck Mexicans." I prefer the latter.

      Edit: I'm talking about within the Republican party. Of those guys, who I see almost as clones that effectively push the same agenda, I prefer the guy that at least owns up to it. The rest pretend they're not like Trump, but still work the same regardless.

      • TempusThales

        So you prefer bigotry?

        a fake dude that says one euphemism after another

        You're talking about a guy who marched with Martin Luther King Jr. in the 60's. There's nothing fake about it.

        • ColonBowel

          I'm talking within the Republican party, I would prefer Trump over the others. Of course I would prefer Bernie over any of them.

        • hallucigenia (edited 4 years ago)

          Holy shit. I would like to go one day without hearing somebody yammering about Bernie Sanders.

        • the7egend

          It's not bigotry really, most people are getting second hand information from news outlets and reading comments from other users and forming an opinion, this whole Mexican thing is about illegal immigrants, he's pushing for immigration reform where our borders aren't getting flooded, you don't see Canadians hoping a fence, or Europeans and Asians coming over on smalls boats and scrambling like ants once they hit the shore.

          Not saying he would make a good president, but he's at least bringing up things that matter, especially when illegal immigrants are causing an influx in welfare, and social service costs.

    • DrunkOldMan

      The official smear campaign hasn't started yet, give it some time................

  • lostwonder

    Trump is distracting us form the rest of the clown car.

  • SmokinJoe23

    He's not pc so people like him. Other "real" candidates should take note.

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