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Published 4 years ago with 13 Comments
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Conversation 8 comments by 6 users
  • NavIIIn

    I think right now the biggest thing missing from this site is the discussions about the content. Once people start making good comments and responses to those comments I feel like this site could take off.

    • fitzzy

      For sure! Snapzu has a much superior layout and interface than Reddit. Reddit still looks just like it did in 2006. All this site needs is a bigger community to foster discussion like Reddit has.

      • mystic

        I like some of the CSS some of the subreddits have done. I don't really post here, but it would be nice if we had a better community.

    • GingerBreadMan

      You are wrong. Go read the discussions on the posts and you will see that there are informative comments on every post. Sometimes you have to sift through the witty comments to get to them, but they are there on EVERY post I have ever read (Source: Been a Redditor for 3 years now)

      • melechkibitzer

        I thought he was talking about this site (snapzu) which doesn't seem to have the community that Reddit has.

      • NavIIIn

        Melechkibitzer is right. I meant Snapzu is missing the discussions. Reddit has the best discussions about posts of any website I've been to. I'm hoping that if Snapzu becomes more popular they will have similar dialogue under each post.

        • drunkenninja

          I think with an influx of users the comments area can improve dramatically. People tend to get comfortable with something and then not really care to try out alternatives because there isn't a pushing need to do so... A service would need to fuck up big time to initiate that need to find an alternative, case in point digg & reddit in 2010. There will come a time that the population of reddit will be actively searching for a suitable alternative because reddit jumped the shark. As for now, this place is a well kept secret, at least from the spammers and the trolls...

      • drunkenninja

        Yep, what Nabllln was pointing out is that snapzu does not yet have a large community such as reddit's. Reddit has been around since 2006, and got even bigger when digg decided to commit suicide... Still remember the great exodus of 2010. I kind of like the fact that this place is still in its infant stages, it allows the members here to really have a say in the matter.

  • aj0690

    I'm pretty sure this was posted a few months ago.

    • [Deleted Profile]

      [This comment was removed]

  • GreatMightyPoo

    Yep, they're soon to go the way of Digg and their current hypocrisy is why I'm here today. This place looks awesome and it's my current back up for when Reddit finally dies.

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