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Published 10 years ago by hypron with 9 Comments

Awesome Dutch F-16

Dutch F-16

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  • bradd

    Added a RL to the F16 wikipedia page if anyone wants to read more about it.

  • drunkenninja

    I didn't think there could be so much awesomeness in one pic. Cheers!

  • popper (edited 10 years ago)

    Looks awesome. Also, might be a stupid question, but, what does that hood symbol mean?

    Edit: Apparenty it's part of a set of common 'markings' for the f-16 (probably other planes too). No idea what most of them mean, though.

    • [Deleted Profile]

      [This comment was removed]

  • Doctorspooge (edited 10 years ago)

    Just doesn't look real when you glance at it.

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