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Published 5 years ago with 5 Comments

Someone needs to learn how to drive.

And don't be blaming the car for your fat foot that got stuck on the pedal.


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  • colombo56

    Ok from what I could see and hear this is the scenario that comes to mind:

    1. [0:12 seconds in] Whoever was driving the car attempted to brake however confused the brake pedal and stepped on the accelerator pedal which made the car slam into the house. At this point they are in panic, and since they are inexperienced like crazy. (I could see this by the lack of a turn signal when pulling into the driveway)

    2. [0.15 seconds in] At this point the driver, panicked and in shock from the absolute idiocy that is unraveling and is now backing up so they can get out of the situation. Stepping hard on the pedal is happening due to the stress this person is right now, they are not thinking clearly.

    3. [0:19 seconds in] It is now clear to me that they might be using both of their feet to manage the gas and brake pedals since as soon as the car stops it begins to accelerate into the house again. Instead of leaving it in park, getting out and out of danger, this person simply switched from reverse and into drive which resulted in confusing the brake pedal with the gas pedal again. This made the car once again move forward, the sheer confusing of the pedals resulted in the car accelerating once again into the house.

    4. [0.23 seconds in] As soon as the car made the 2nd impact, the panicked driver was once again pressing both pedals, and out of the confusion for which pedal is which, you can see the car accelerate, then brake, accelerate once again, then brake. This can be seen from the wheel movement and the overall motion of the car.

    Once this happened the 2nd time, an attempt is once again made to get out of "trouble" which would be the natural thinking of the person behind the wheel, given they are indeed extremely inexperienced and at this point also very stressed out. The hard presses on both the pedal and the brake visualize this perfectly.

    5. [0.25 seconds in] From here on forward, the dual foot driving is even more evident as when the car accelerates b...

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    • chunkymonkey

      Thanks for the elaborate explanation of what happen :)

    • T29

      Holy crap dude, that's some pretty damn good insight. It makes total sense!

    • LimboTree

      I think you got this scenario down perfectly.... The accelerator being stuck excuse was just blow out of the water....

  • drunkenninja

    Did that really just fucking happen? holy fuck.

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