• neg8ivezero

    I am really confused by your post, perhaps you could elaborate a bit? I apologize, I haven't had my afternoon cup of joe yet and I'm starting to drag.

    An Atheist doesn't care if a God exists or not, so stating whether or not a God exists or not is irrelevant to an Atheist

    It is this sentiment that I am struggling with. I am an Atheist and I WOULD care if a god exists but I don't because I see no indication that he does. Is that the same thing as what you are saying?

    Basically, my position is that no one can be certain of something that has no proof and therefore I cannot be certain that there is no god, however the burden of proof rests on the claimant and no one has yet produced proof that a god does exist; therefore I see no need to entertain the notion of a god.