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Published 4 years ago with 6 Comments

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  • FapFlop

    I didn't know gaming houses were a thing. That seems like an exceptional waste of money.

    • RenegadeMizu

      It just sounds absurd. Add the word "gaming" to anything and it becomes more expensive. Gaming keyboards, mice, mousepads, monitors, chairs, headphones, etc. It seems like a bit much to those that only play casually.

    • AxiosKatama

      I have always wondered where the organizations get enough money to afford a house like that. Maybe in the USA it would be feasible but from my limited experience in seeing pricing on living spaces in European cities, there is no way that an organization should be able to afford that.

      I mean the house in the Fnatic video must have been on the order of millions I would think. That was a lot of space and very updated.

  • BenightedSchism

    I've always thought the idea of a gaming house was very bizarre. A key thing for online games is you know... the ability to play with people from far way. With things like Skype/Vent/TeamSpeak/Mumble etc, what's the need for houses like these? I can see getting together for tournaments, but I don't see how living together would help their ability to perform better.

    • SuperCyan

      I think it's just like an office style environment for them in a way. If someone crashes at noon when they're supposed to scrim, it's a lot easier to go bang on their door than spam their phone and hope they wake up. When they need to go to a tournament, it's easier to buy 6 tickets from one airport to another, have them leave and arrive at the same time, and they all stay close together. There's no problems, because 1 person's flight got cancelled. There's no problem if something happens to one person. They all move at a unit, and while they're either all in or out, it's a lot easier to track and work with logistics wise. Plus, if they need to do something promotional for a sponsor, there's no flying a bunch of people to the same place, they're already together.

      Also, these guys spend a lot of time with each other. They become close friends with each other. They probably want to live together for the same reason any other friends want to live with each other: they like each other. Living together for them is pretty cool, and can also help them work better with each other.

      • BenightedSchism

        They all move at a unit, and while they're either all in or out, it's a lot easier to track and work with logistics wise.

        This is a very good point that I never thought of, I suppose it does make sense in terms of reliability.

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