• idlethreat

    The wife's parents lived in Ocala, FL for a while. We visited them on vacation one year and had the opportunity to pass through The Villages on the way to Orlando for the day.

    It was so weird watching golf carts trundling down the road, in the line at McDonalds, going through CVS drive through to pick up medicine, etc. We just rode around a bit and marveled at the number of golf carts everywhere. It was like driving into a freaky alternate universe where the internal combustion engine never took hold.

    Apparently, one unexpected (to me) benefits of The Villages is the voting bloc. Apparently, people who live in The Villages are majority 'far-right'. So, they offer pretty much a slam-dunk election for any republicans whom want to run in Florida. But, most of FL is already deeply republican, so unsure how much it really matters in the long run.

    Anyway, that's my story.