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Published 3 years ago with 4 Comments

Snapzu's favorite Super Bowl 50 commercials (vote and/or add your own)

Now that the Super Bowl dust has settled, it's time to get Snapzu involved! I have provided an initial list of my most memorable 15 commercials and hope that some of you can add your own. If you want to add your favorites, please first make sure it's not already on the list and use similar formatting as I have provided, and try to find the official brand's Youtube video (so it's not removed). Thank you and happy voting!

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    • 1 +15

      Heinz Ketchup - Wiener Stampede

      3y+ ago by geoleo
    • 2 +13

      Bud Light - Party Security

      3y+ ago by geoleo
    • 3 +12

      Budweiser USA - Give a damn

      3y+ ago by geoleo
    • 4 +9

      Shock Top - Unfiltered Talk

      3y+ ago by geoleo
    • 5 +8

      Amazon - Echo

      3y+ ago by geoleo
    • 6 +7

      Avocados From Mexico - #AvosInSpace

      3y+ ago by geoleo
    • 7 +7

      Hyundai - Ryanville

      3y+ ago by geoleo
    • 8 +6

      TurboTax - Never a Sellout

      3y+ ago by geoleo
    • 9 +6

      Audi R8 - Commander

      3y+ ago by geoleo
    • 10 +6

      Apartments.com - "Moving Day"

      3y+ ago by manix
    • 11 +5

      T-Mobile - Restricted Bling

      3y+ ago by geoleo
    • 12 +5

      Universal Pictures - Jason Bourne

      3y+ ago by geoleo
    • 13 +4

      Doritos - Doritos Dogs

      3y+ ago by geoleo
    • 14 +4

      Marmot - Love the Outside

      3y+ ago by geoleo
    • 15 +4

      Hyundai - First Date

      3y+ ago by geoleo
    • 16 +3

      Snickers: Marilyn

      3y+ ago by ubthejudge
    • 17 +2

      T-mobile - Drop the Balls

      3y+ ago by geoleo

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  • sgfc

    Nothing with Steve Harvey will every get my approval. Complete sexist asshole with opinions right out of the Old Testament.

  • distant

    Nice list. Some really good stuff in here.

  • Qukatt

    Upvote for Helen Mirren throwing insults <3 I love that woman

  • madjo

    Wait, there's a new Jason Bourne coming?! Based on what novel?

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