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    How is it a solution to crime? What percentage of crimes are committed by people crossing the border? How much will this wall reduce our crime rate? What kind of crimes will it prevent? How many murders? How many rapes? How many armed robberies?

    How does it reduce our debt? What are the total costs of this wall? How much is it going to cost to maintain this wall, year in, year out? How much is it going to cost to man this wall, year in, year out? Many places where Trump wants to put the wall are remote and not currently accessible; how much is it going to cost to build the infrastructure to get materials, equipment and personnel to the job sites? What about the parts of the border that are on the river? Where does the wall go, on the Mexican side, or the U.S. side? Are we just going to annex that land from Mexico? If the U.S. land is already owned, what's it going to cost to buy that land? What if the owner doesn't want to sell, will the government just take it?

    How does it solve the employment problem, other than the short-term hiring of people to build the wall? What do those people do once the wall is built? How long is it going to take them to build the wall? What do we do in the meantime while the wall is being built?

    How many illegal immigrants enter the country crossing the southern border? How many come in via other means, or crossing some other border? How much do we expect this wall to reduce illegal immigration?

    Trump seldom comes out and says a wall will stop terrorists, but it's heavily implied. After the New Year's attack in Turkey, he did say the following: "We're going to have strong borders so that when people come into the country, they're going to come into the country legally – Which is the way we want to have it. We will build a wall. You know that. We will build a wall. And speaking of walls, so in Turkey tonight – I don't know, has anybody heard? Big disaster took place in Turkey tonight. Many, many, many people killed. A whole big deal going on over there. It's a horror show." So, how many terrorist attacks to we expect the wall will prevent? How does the wall stop or deter terrorists or prevent terrorist attacks?

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