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Published 3 years ago with 11 Comments
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  • exikon

    That's unfortunate but also reasonable. It's better that they focus on Fallout 4 first instead of half-assing that while already working on the next game.

  • hitops

    Not really surprising. There was a decent amount of time between the release of Skyrim and the announcement of FO4, and it almost seems like BGS's dev cycle is getting longer. As long as it leads to better games, I don't mind (although I have a few reservations about FO4...).

  • NinjaKlaus

    Assuming that Elder Scrolls VI is next in the line of games, the pattern appears to be 2 Years to develop a game, 2 Years of releases and updates... 2002-2003 for Morrowind, 2006-2007 for Oblivion, 2008-2009 for Fallout 3, 2011-2012 for Skyrim and then 2015 release for Fallout 4. That would mean a 2019-2020 release date for the next game.

  • DokterDuke

    It seems we're getting conflicting stories out there. (see related link above). Both stories mention Pete Hines as a source so I wonder if someone is lying or if the confusion is intentional.

    • racerxonclar

      Well, not just that, but we've also got that story floating around the internet about how Bethesda has actually had plans, designs, and story for Fallout 4 for years. So, who knows how much truth there is.

  • NotWearingPants

    Just make sure FO4 isn't an unplayable, bug-ridden mess on day one and I'll be happy with waiting for the next ES game.

    • racerxonclar

      Hi, my name is Obsidian Entertainment and I find it hard to keep save files from corrupting and disappearing.

  • sugartoad

    That's too bad -- was looking forward to their next epic being released soon after Fallout.

  • PushPull

    I'm a bit disappointed, as I love Skyrim, but am not terribly in love with ESO. I am looking forward to Fallout 4 with enthusiasm however, so that should get me down the road a bit. I hope that maybe they can bridge the gap until ES VI by at least porting Skyrim to PS4/Xbone.

  • Rizzmond

    I wonder if they are going to hide the shitty gun handling that existed in the fallout 3 version of the gamebryo engine with a VATS like system again. I hope they properly update the engine to handle guns this time around.

  • septimine

    I'm hoping the Somerset thing isn't true. Much love to the Wizards, but I think that the story needs more development before we kill all the thalmor. They have great potential as antagonists.

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