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Published 2 months ago by geoleo with 5 Comments

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  • kxh (edited 2 weeks ago)

    Scientists who make money from GMO foods declare them safe. Who'd've thought it!

    The main problem with GMO foods is the money. Patents on living things owned by companies, mean the amounts of money involved, taints the scientific testing, the safety testing. At this point testing of safety among other things can't be relied on any more.

    GMO is not inherently safe or dangerous. It is quite possible to make poisonous food crops. We are relying on science to test these for safety and efficacy and the science is owned and paid for by the companies owning the patents, interested parties.

  • StarFlower

    Also, there is another part of this debate that is often not mentioned: even for those people who don't have an issue with GM per se, there's still another reason to avoid them. In situations where the food is GM for RoundUp resistance (or any other herbicide) then those crops wind up getting heavily sprayed with those weedkillers, which then make their way into the food chain. So, if I want to avoid foods that are heavily sprayed with weedkillers, I would avoid GM foods (and/or buy organic, although that is pricier). To me, that's a really big issue, since many of the GM foods are made for herbicide resistance (as opposed to something like drought tolerance or extra vitamin A, where the crop isn't going to get deliberately sprayed with something harmful).

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