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Published 11 months ago with 1 Comments

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  • AdelleChattre

    I found the article's writing made a good deal more sense once translated to Arabic, then to Swahili, through German, Haitian Creole, Urdu, then back to English. Here's the improved version:

    Today, I show you how to avoid the pollution of the environment so that you maintain your environment and enjoy the good environment. The world started to look like a great journey. People interfere with nature and try to change as much as possible, and nature starts taking revenge on us.

    Do you think that you will help? Not true Imagine that many people believe that you believe. Fortunately, you can change your behavior and use these tips.

    20 environmental protection tips in daily life

    Ideal # 1 We can do more about each of the environments. You do not have to look for some ways or engage in some organizations - just look yourself, your environment, because you will do several times!

    No. # 2 Separation of waste - it will not take much time, but it is very important. Other things allow insulation recycling.

    # 3 Heat heat If you smoke, do not use plastic or paint printing. Put plastic in a specific container and for example, put the magazine in the old paper.

    # 4 Buy energy efficiency products - it's more expensive, but it's more economical because it reduces your energy costs.

    # 5 After leaving the room, clear the lights, TVs and computers and do not miss the screen!

    See also: 10 useful information on human minds [memory, DNA, and cell]

    # 6 Cook, many people remember in the hungry world! Find online recipes for relaxation - you'll be surprised by these amazing things you can do with them.

    # 7 Leave a small place in your garden, where there is a natural life. Growing insects and wild plants that fertilize themselves and make the soil more fertile. Create a player and send the kitchen out of the kitchen - affect the quality of the world too.

    # 8 Use natural techniques to protect plants, avoid chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

    # 9 Put on the food of the flowers, the flowers of the flowers, and make a little pond. Your garden forms a row of small animals and gives them magic.

    # 10 I do not have a garden? Do not worry You can fly a "Stop" on the window or location.

    # 11 Instead of working on the car instead of saving the environment rather than saving money by bike or public transport!

    No. # 12 Buy interior, seasonal and organic food items.

    # 13 Buy environmentalized products that are not only used for food, but also for electronics and cosmetics.

    # 14 Become shopping with clothes bags or papers. Avoid Plastic Bag - If you need to take them, try again, for example and frozen foods.

    Ideal # 15 You should learn to buy files, for example, dangerous, legitimate type!

    # 16 idea Stay in the garden of agrotourism instead of a large city, noise and lounge. In the rural areas you will get comfort and strength.

    No. # 17 To respect nature, do not mix wild plants and flowers, do not be afraid of animals.

    No. # 18 If you're still in school or learn, encourage the trees to create a project with your friends.

    The trees are important, not only provide the shade and protection of hot weather, but also make air clean. It is carbon dioxide, removes toxic substances, reduces noise and is home to many animals.

    No. # 19 Show others you are an environmental friend! Let's take an example from you!

    # 20 Remember that the destruction environment can not be rebuilt once! Do not react to the reaction because we depend on nature.

    In this article, you have l...

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