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Published 5 years ago by fractal with 5 Comments

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  • yippiekiay

    I only know a handful of vegetarians, but surprisingly none of them have chosen their lifestyle due to "morality." One did it for health, another does it because she feels better on a meatless diet, still another friend of mine passes on meat simply because he doesn't like the texture. Don't get me wrong, there are definitely people out there who insist that they are being more responsible as a human than you are if you consume animals, but not all vegetarians ride the high horse.

    Mmmmm, horse.

    • jmcs

      Mmmmm, horse.

      Are you Italian?

  • Authority

    This is, honestly, a pretty stupid article. Some people think vegetarianism is the morally correct choice, yet because it's harder for some people it's "violent" to say that? That's ridiculous! This whole thing just reeks of moral relativism and claiming victimization where there isn't.

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