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Published 1 year ago with 15 Comments

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  • leweb

    We’ll send them some thoughts and prayers. That will show him!

    • drunkenninja

      Thoughts and prayers also create a shield around those who are good, so the bad gun men can't get them. The only problem is, we need a LOT of thoughts and prayers for this to work. /s

  • paddystacks

    Will be forgotten in a week, like usual.

    • leweb

      I know what is the solution. More guns! This happens because we people don’t have enough guns.

      • zanduvid

        How many more people will have to be killed before things change?

        • Gozzin

          I'm going with at least a thousand a year. Only when the wealthy's kids get gunned down will anything change,in my way of thinking.

        • 3rdWheel

          Approximately 1-??? white kids killed by a black kid with a gun.

  • NinjaKlaus

    I'd like to know how doing gun control would have done any good in this situation, the shooter took the guns from his father, and they were not so-called assault weapons either, a shotgun and a revolver which also don't hold high capacity magazines, meaning they wouldn't fall foul of the gun control conditions usually talked about.

    • AdelleChattre


      • NinjaKlaus

        They deal with regular gun control talking points, yes we could do things, but the things they mentioned I don't believe apply to this weeks shooting. Parkland sure, but not Texas.

        virtually unanimous support for "universal background checks"

        Well he didn't get them legally he took them from his father, so the background check would have done nothing. Magazine size was also mentioned, that would have done nothing because it was a shotgun and revolver.

        It appears that the Santa Fe shooter used what one analyst called "a Wal Mart beginner hunting gun"—a sawed-off shotgun in most accounts, along with a semiautomatic pistol—while on his rampage, confounding the idea that particular weapons are especially lethal.

        I've heard reports of this but the police haven't confirmed yet as far as I know on the sawed-off shotgun, they did say he used a revolver for the handgun.

        "gun violence restraining orders" (GVROs), which would allow family members and law enforcement officials to petition a court to strip individuals of Second Amendment rights

        This would have been great for Parkland, not Texas. I support this so long as they aren't permanent unless charged and convicted.

        a federally issued license for simple possession of all semi-automatic firearms

        We can't even agree on the federally required real ID drivers license requirements. The licensing I would like is training courses for those that want concealed carry permits, I have to take a safety training course to hunt, why not to carry a concealed weapon.

        • AdelleChattre

          the things they mentioned I don't believe apply to this weeks shooting

          I'm right there with you on gun reform policy considered up against what actually happens in these mass killings. Versus letting hysteria take its course. Most gun control policy ideas are so poorly considered that if any of them are coming close to addressing what's actually taken place in any of these things, we gotta given them a "Great job, Champ!"

          This would have been great for Parkland, not Texas.

          Hey, any harebrained mass shooting mitigation scheme that doesn't tacitly assume the No-Fly List is sound due process gets a polite nod from me these days.

          The licensing I would like is training courses for those that want concealed carry permits

          Training requirements could be made somewhat more uniform between the states as well were there the will in the country, I'd expect.

          I have to take a safety training course to hunt, why not to carry a concealed weapon.

          I know, right? How hard should that be? Any more tooth-and-nail than usual?

          Can't fault people affected by such horrors too badly for mistaking their issue for something quite different, but it so often leaves them mopping with the wrong end of the mop. You gotta feel for them. Morose gun violence protesters have easily as much pathos as morose anti-choice protesters have their hathos. Who sets themselves on ostensibly moral crusades to deprive people of specific human rights that way? Wait, I've answered my own question with another question: why don't they pay taxes?

          Still, in the history of gun reform in America there was a clear before-Parkland, and after-Parkland.

  • 3rdWheel

    Isn’t Texas one of the most gun centric states? Where was all the good guys with guns?

    • kxh

      So when the cops arrive, who they gunna shoot?

      Good guys with guns, are still guys with guns.

    • NinjaKlaus

      Not allowed by federal law onto a school campus...

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