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Published 6 years ago by dynamite with 5 Comments

GoPro: Fixie Bike Fail

Renárs Bundzis learns the hard way: don't tailgate a backhoe.


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  • drunkenninja

    Aaaand the lesson is? Don't ride your bike like an asshole.

    • MrsBean

      Right? Riding between cars, blowing through crosswalks, weaving, and behaving in such unpredictable manners. Definitely asshole behaviour. And the exact reason there is a subset of drivers who despise cyclists. Thanks dude for justifying their opinion.

      • drunkenninja

        I am one of those drivers. I cannot stand the level of cockiness these people show on the road, it's borderline suicidal. And the worst thing is, if anything happens its almost always the driver's fault.

        • MrsBean (edited 6 years ago)

          The other day I was making a left hand turn off one very busy road onto another. Dude in full spandex is on the left hand sidewalk blasting through the pedestrian cross walk. He came from behind and appeared out of no where right in front of me as I was completing my turn. I was ----thisclose---- to creaming him. In a rare display of extreme road rage, I laid on the horn 'cause frankly he scared the living crap out of me, and he rewarded me saving his life by giving me the finger! What? Duuuuuude you did everything wrong and behaved unpredictably and unsafely!

          • drunkenninja

            Yep, its incidents like these that gives cyclists a bad name. Rest assured this was not the first nor last time he came close to serious injury or death. People like him tend to be on Darwin's list.

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