• Wenjarich

    Something that crossed my mind, as I noticed my reaction to seeing this post, is that most people are probably just going to brush past this. To be honest, I don't know a thing about the bee situation but that is kind of part of my point. I just watched a video that mentioned desensitization to violence. I think we may live in a generation that is rather just desensitized to news "of absolute importance" I think that the internet has made it that every group that feels they have revolutionary news, whether they are right or wrong, to be able to reach everyone else. This then means we see thousands and thousands of rallying calls to action for such a great diversity of causes that there are very few ways for the individual to sift through all of them and decide which are important.

    All of this is just specuation on my part, it's just that I feel like I more and more tend to just roll my eyes and brush passed when I feel someone is trying to rally me to a cause.. "Don't have time!""That's what the last guy said." "What makes your cause so much more important?" these are all subconscious thoughts that go through my mind, it's like there's a system overload of information and my brain can't lock on to one thing to feel strongly enough about so it chooses a state of neutral. It doesn't help that almost every study provided on what ever topic is being championed seems to have counter studies on the other side (see the contributed links to this video as an example).

    Anyway it's an interesting thought ,just my 2 cents.